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Sound File Format : Sound files can be of MP3, WAV
2. Pre-loaded Sound : Micro-SD card and Pen drive will
come with pre-loaded sound files in female voice
narrating “Period No. 1, Period No. 2,Lunch Time” and
3. 7 Days Programming : Every day of the week can be
programmed with different schedule i.e. Monday can
have different schedule than Tuesday or Saturday or
any other day of the week.
4. No. of Schedules : Unlimited different Time table
schedules can be programmed in this model. Out of
these 24 Schedules any schedule can be selected to
ring on any weekday. These 24 Schedules will include
user’s Half Day schedule, sectional / term tests
schedule, exam schedule, winter/summer schedule,
annual day / sports week schedule etc.
5. Number of Bells per Schedule : 500 Bells can be
programmed in each schedule to ring in 24 Hours.
6. Emergency Switch to inform to all students with siren and announcement.
Speaker Inbuilt Amplifier
Industrial Bell with voice announcement
No Staff required for bell ringing
No Human activity required once installed
Bell rings a sharp time
Spacial alerts facility for emergency alarm in case of
fire, earthquake
Hardware Config.
1. Digital Key pad interface.
2. 16X2 LCD Display.
3. Mike and AUX connected Jack.
4. Speaker inbuilt amplefier
5. Amplifier AUX is connected with bell instrument
auto ON-OFF of Amplifier
6. Input Supply 220V AC.
7. Gong bell can be attached with bell instrument
Diamentions (LxBxH)
1. Automatic School Bill unit - 150mm x 155mm x 45mm (Wt. 830GM)
2. Speaker Slave Unit - 130mm x 100mm x 175 mm (Wt. 800GM)
3. Metal. Speaker Slave Unit - 145mm x 110mm x 205 mm (Wt. 1.1 KG)